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Louie is the deuteragonist of We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story.

He was voiced by Joey Shea.


Louie is a little boy. He has long shoulder length black hair, freckles and a gap in his teeth. Additionally, he wears white shirt, black jacket, blue pants, black socks, red shoes and baseball cap.


Louie was first seen in a wish bubble as he wishes he had a friend. He meets the dinosaurs as he's running away to the circus to escape pressures of family life (his mom smothers him and such). He befriends the dinosaurs and while on a spin with Elsa (cause he asked if she can fly and that was her response), he meets Cecilia Nuthatch, a girl who is neglected by her parents and convinces her to run away with him. She agrees and they develop a crush on one another.

When the dinosaurs get lost, they enter Professor Screweyes' Eccentric Circus, where they sign on the dotted line (in blood, not ink). The dinosaurs come to their rescue, but Screweyes settles on a price: eat the Brain Drain (the opposite to Screweyes' brother Captain Neweyes' Brain Grain) and become monsters for his circus and the kids will be free. The dinosaurs reluctantly agree, but Louie and Cecilia decide to rescue them. With the help of Screweyes mistreated clown Stubbs, they disguise themselves as goblins and enter the circus just as the dinosaurs are attractions. When Screweyes' hypnotic spell is broken off of the dinosaurs, Rex goes for revenge. Louie goes and stops him reminding him that he doesn't have to kill. Touched by his words, Rex returns to normal and he and Cecilia use the power of love and friendship to turn the other dinosaurs back to normal. As Captain Neweyes comes to pick them all up, Louie kisses Cecilia and says goodbye to Stubbs (who quits working for Screweyes). Louie and Cecilia become a couple and reunite with their parents.


  • His appearance and personality is extremely similar to that of Jesse Greenwood from the Free Willy movies and TV series, Marty McFly from Back to the Future movies and TV series, Fievel Mousekewitz from four An American Tail movies, Aladdin from Disney's Aladdin and Doug Funnie from Doug.