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Captain Neweyes.

Captain Neweyes is an air-traveling inventor who's devoted his life to fulfilling the wishes of children, specifically.

When his wishing device showed him a future where more and more children were hoping to see living dinosaurs, he decided to travel back in time and collect a few, to then drop off at the Museum of Natural History.

He has a mentally insane twin brother, called "Screweyes", though why his unpleasant last name is being entertained by him is not explained in the movie. Though they've drifted apart, Neweyes expressed some sympathy for him and is saddened by his brother's unhappiness.

He was voiced by Walter Cronkite.


  • In the original story, Captain Neweyes did not make an appearance and the character more or less replaces the alien, Vorb, who also had a different reason for feeding Brain Grain to dinosaurs.