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The alien, Vorb, holding a box of Brain Grain.

"It's taken 280 portions of Brain Grain to jumpstart that skull of yours, pal!"

Brain Grain is the name of a special type of cereal, created by Captain Neweyes, that permanently enhances once's intelligence and anthropomorphizes their body.
It appears to taste good and be digestible for carnivores, despite not containing meat.

Depending on the creature, more boxes are needed. Why this privately used product comes in grocery store packaging is not explained in the story.


  • In the original story, Brain Grain was created by an alien company named "Mega-Mind Inc".
  • It's insinuated that anyone who eats Brain Grain will become more human, regardless of their species;
    • Rex is seen wearing clothes in the movie's intro, despite not being in need of it.
    • Woog and Dweeb, two plant-eating dinosaurs, became omnivorous and are seen eating sausages on Neweyes' ship.
  • Even though Brain Grain deems itself special in the sense it helps animals gain human intelligence -implying animals are just animals inside the movie's universe- the movie starts off with Rex speaking to an anthropomorphic bird, capable of human speech.